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Due to the increased number of issues with spammers and outside attacks, we are no longer allowing free/anonymous mail services to be used to register accounts. Any company or ISP email account will be acceptable, but services like AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo will not. Once you are registered, you can elect to change your email address to any free service you wish to use.

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If you are a dealer or company representative signing up for an account, please keep in mind that the system will flag the account for an admin to review. Our policy is that we do not allow companies to advertise or sell without first setting up a dealer or industry partner account, so your registration may be denied with instructions on how to proceed.

We typically review each company to ensure they are established or, at the least, have not had past issues and order problems. Our goal is to protect this community and ensure users have access to quality companies who care about their customer service. As such we may decline to allow your company to sign up for such an account. We understand this is not a simple process, but it exists because of people who have taken advantage of the community in the past. We will do what we can to protect our users and hope you understand.

Companies who fail to heed this, and are caught selling or advertising without a dealer account, will have their accounts suspended and potentiallly delayed, or rejected.