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 Online Sales Only???
Nate1  [Member]
12/18/2004 10:53:49 PM
Do you have a store in Austin, or just online sales?
Austin isn't far from Ft Hood...
DVDTracker  [Industry Partner]
12/19/2004 8:54:46 AM
We have a little "warehouse" space in an office if you'd like to come down and pick up some stuff.
Nate1  [Member]
12/19/2004 1:56:06 PM
May have to give you a call next time I'm in town...
DVDTracker  [Industry Partner]
12/20/2004 11:16:29 AM
512-732-0100 ext 223 is my number at the office.

10713 Ranch Road 620 N
Suite 516
Austin TX 78732
ProfessorEvil  [Team Member]
12/21/2004 2:48:11 AM
Can you fondle Penelope if you drop in?