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 Float tubes
Addicted2Fish  [Member]
2/9/2009 3:51:34 PM
Looks like the wife and I are in need of float tubes for our next fishing trip. We'll be fishing for trout on a lake, but of course I'd see plenty of other future uses for them as well. What are some things to know for first time tube buyers and users? I've done a bit of reading so far but would like any input and experiences you folks have. We'll probably buy used off eBay (or forums?) for budget reasons.
SpeyRod  [Member]
2/9/2009 7:12:38 PM
I have used tubes from home made truck tires to my current urothane tubed Wood River U-boat. My observations are that the U-boat style is WAY easier to kick into a wind. You can get a new Caddis truck tube style cheap. For very occasional use it would work fine. If you are going to use it more than a couple of times per year get a U-boat. Dive fins won't cut it. Get a pair of fins designed for float tubing. Fin tethers are your best friend if your fins don't float, ask me how I know....

I have a pair of fins and tethers I have never used. I also haven't used my Wood River tube for 6 years. If I can find it, and you are interested, I could hook you up. IM me if you would like more info.

duck1022  [Member]
2/9/2009 10:08:26 PM
As I have never fished from tube I can't give any advice, but have you thought about a sit on top kayak? I fish out of one all the time and it is great. I have been in several different models and the cheap ones will serve you well. You can cover alot of water and even go upstream in some pretty swift currents.
Addicted2Fish  [Member]
2/10/2009 1:47:59 PM
Kayak would be nice but too bulky for the car. We're going for maximum portability, and it looks like the float tube wins bigtime.
Addicted2Fish  [Member]
2/14/2009 2:35:43 PM
A quick looking around Craigslist got me a nice Browning tube for a mere $35!