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 So how do I do this? Car accident related...
blend708  [Member]
8/7/2011 1:45:21 PM
Friday night I got rear ended at a red light between jobs in my work van...felt fine at the time but yesterday my wrist flarred up (got jammed into the steering wheel when i wes hit)
Went to the care clinic today for an x-ray because i diddnt feel this was an emercency room issue.
Had to put it on my insurance. Have a hairline fracture and a sprain i guess....not too bad,hurts alittle. Back is sore but not too bad,was wearing my seatbelt.

What I dont know is how I go about getting this settled through the other persons insurance. Do I just wait for an adjuster to call me, or does my blue cross go after it automaticly? Does workmans comp go after it or what...never been in an accident before and I have no clue how all this works.

Can anyone tell me what the process is or what I do now or who do I call etc..

Thanks guys.
FredMan  [Team Member]
8/7/2011 2:00:56 PM
Contact your supervisor. Let him and/or HR take it from there.

Be sure and write up a report about the accident.
fxntime  [Team Member]
8/7/2011 2:06:05 PM
Originally Posted By FredMan:
Contact your supervisor. Let him and/or HR take it from there.

Be sure and write up a report about the accident.

This, it's a workmans comp issue and it HAS to go thru the proper channels. Failure to do so could mean you may end up on the hook for any medical expenses incurred down the road. Yes companies hate it, they also know how to get recompensed from the person or persons insurance company if they so desire.
urbanpi  [Team Member]
8/7/2011 2:08:03 PM
You need to advise Worker's Comp carrier for your employer first, then advise your health insurance carrier, provide the name and insurance info for the other party to both carriers. Work Comp will let you know any limitations on who you can see for any follow up visits. In TX, doctors must be registered with State Board of Insurance/Work Comp section to provide services to injured workers, likely your first visit to the clinic will be covered by WC, good luck.
blend708  [Member]
8/7/2011 2:12:19 PM
Thanks guys appreciate the info. I'll talk to my boss in the morning and contact the workmans comp and ill give a call to blue cross